Gentle Yoga ClassYoga is about awareness. It's about finding peace in the mind, love for your body and joy of spirit. Anyone of these alone would be incredilbe to achieve but bringing all three of them together allows us to be our complete, divine self. It's about getting to know yourself and connecting with the essence of who you are. Yoga releases stress and eases burdens of the mind, it strengthen and heals the body, and it opens your heart so that your spirit can know the oneness of all things. Yoga is a journey and a way of life and yoga is for everybody. This is at the heart of the teachings by Krista Ghaffarian.

Through yoga and meditation, Krista offers experiences that take you on a journey to discover yourself. Krista teaches regularly at local yoga studios including Yoga Bala and LA Fitness in Port Orange and she offers regular classes outdoors including YogaWalks and Beach Yoga. All classes and workshops are unique, healing and fun. Beach Yoga

Krista teaches all level classes including Gentle, Vinyasa Flow, Chair Yoga and Beach Yoga. All classes are guided by the breath with the purpose of helping the student find better awareness of mind, body, and spirit. She offers a variety of workshops and wellness retreats on topics such as yoga asanas, yoga philosophy, meditation, breath practice, and stress relief.

Krista has a passion for yoga and is dedicated to sharing the benefits of yoga with others. Krista's goal is to help guide anyone that is looking to make their life better, happier and healthier to discover all that yoga has to offer.


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