Private Yoga


Private yoga can be a wonderful option for many reasons.

  • Perhaps you are new to yoga and would like to get more of a foundation before jumping into a regular group class.
  • Or even if you have been practicing for a while, you might want to get more instruction on a particular posture or technique that simply isn't possible in a group setting.
  • Or maybe your needs and goals are very specific and they can not be accomodated in a public class.
  • Or perhaps your schedule doesn't coincide to the group yoga classes available to you and you need your yoga to work around your schedule.

Private YogaThese are all reasons choosing to do private yoga might be the best thing for you.

One of the advantages of one on one work is that is can be exactly what you need it to be. Everything is available from posture work, breath practice, and even meditation techniques. You let us know what you need from the practice and we will create private sessions that give you what you need.

Private Yoga Individual yoga training including asanas, pranayama, and meditation.
$70-85 per hour
Small Group Yoga Yoga training for a group of 2-5. This might be family members or co-workers or friends. (Cost can be divided between participants)
$70-85 per hour
Private Yoga Packages Purchase multiple sessions for a discounted rate. $60-75 per hour


For private yoga with Krista call 386-243-0440


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