"I joined the Yoga Center in October 2009 and can't imagine not having the center in my life. I practice 4xwk and try to attend all the amazing workshops. The workshops have brought knowledge to my practice and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn, grow and practice with wonderful teachers and students."

KF from Daytona Beach, FL

"I love the healing classes in your beautiful center. Your center is a great value. Thank you for your great service to the community."

NB of Daytona Beach, FL

"Thank you so much for my wonderful introduction to your yoga studio. The Thai massage was invigorating and your care is premium. Looking forward to learning more."

JH from Port Orange, FL

"I am deeply grateful for all the beautiful ways you have assited me to grow deeper and more loving in mind, body, and soul! It's been a great winter in Daytona."

TM, Snowbird

Had such an amazing experience with you all! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! All of you are AMAZING!!! Cant wait to see your shining faces again!

LKS from Savannah, GA

Thanks to you and the wonderful yoga session last night and meditation I am feeling very rejuvenated today! So today is definitely beautiful!!! You have such a big heart and I appreciate you in our community!! Thanks again!

KR from Ormond Beach, FL

Unfortunately, there are no yoga places near where I live like what you and Ron run. You are unique and wonderful. I miss it. I will be back.

KT from Michigan

"I recently joinined your yoga sessions in early April. I just wanted to drop you a note to say that I thoroughly enjoyed every session I attended and am very thankful  that after receiving many Groupon and Living Social offers for yoga studio's, I chose yours. I had wanted to get involved with yoga for quite some time because I knew I would benefit greatly from it. Being new to anything makes one a bit apprehensive, but being new to something like a yoga class made me even more nervous. However, you and Toni made me feel right at home and I appreciate the time spent helping me to get some of the moves/poses correct...I am very much looking forward to returning to Daytona so I can resume attending yoga sessions."

KV from Ohio

"This is a fabulous yoga studio! Amazing classes, outstanding teachers and such a supportive environment! My seventy year old father (who had never done yoga before in his life) and I visited regularly during our vacation last year and it was a dream! I wish this studio was near me! I'd be in their classes on a mat 5 days a week!

I also had a massage and organic facial here and it rocked my world! I have never been more relaxed than during my facial, EVER!

This place it is a must visit, as well as a must return over and over!"

Reveiw on Yelp.com by Katie M. from Silver Spring, MD

"A welcoming place for beginners or long time yoga student. A variety of classes for everyone, young and old, strong or weak. Each of the teachers bring their style and passion to the class which brings the variety you are searching for. Whether you are looking for a more physical practice, mental practice or looking for your center and peace you can find it at Daytona Yoga. The Sunday morning Yoga for the Soul class is very stimulating and relaxed attitude and can bring joy to the soul. If you have never tried yoga but think you might, this is the place. Come in and enjoy."

Review on Yelp.com by Kim F. from Daytona Beach, FL

"Daytona Yoga and Wellness Center is a beautiful, ocean side studio where I have
participated in classes and workshops. The instructors are professional, supportive and well trained. There is a sense of peace and tranquility within the facility, and I have totally enjoyed my experience. It's a great place no matter what
your Yoga experience or your level of fitness. The staff works with all levels and
welcomes all ages. It's a great place and an asset to Daytona Beach."

Review on Yelp.com by Bobbie P. from Port Orange, FL

"I attended Gentle Yoga classes with Krista for a couple of years (before I had to move out of state) and as a total beginner to yoga, she always made me feel welcome and supportive of my practice. She has a very peaceful spirit and every class with her is such a restorative experience, I always feel better when I leave! Beach yoga is a unique experience as well and adds another level to your yoga practice. Highly recommend this little studio--an oasis of peace and tranquility in the middle of beachside Daytona!"

Review on Yelp.com from Grace B. from Port Orange, FL

"The energy and enviroment are wonderful at the Daytona Yoga and Wellness Center. Not only is it a beautiful studio and location, the insturctors and students are kind and gentle souls as well. I love the fact that they are so diverse in what they offer. This is not just a Yoga studio. They offer many special interest and developmental workshops. The students and instructors are always warm, friendly and careing. I hightly recomend you check out their website and see what they offer."

Review on Yelp.com from Kelly L. from Ormond Beach, FL

"Awesome place! I was never interested in Yoga but went to their 'Gentle Yoga' class to check it out about 2 years ago - AMAZING! Felt so darn good afterwards I had to keep going back - it's addictive! The owners have built this place up from scratch into a true 'Wellness' center, and I attend many of their events along with the yoga classes when I can. If you want to feel better about yourself, and about life generally, try them out."

Review on Yelp.com from John W. from Port Orange, FL

"I want to thank you for the amazing yoga center you have put together here. It feels kind and nurturing and solid here. Learning yoga as a beginner has already been life altering and I'm looking forward to a lifetime practice. You are such a good teacher (no great teacher) because the classes I've just started with you have dissolved all my barriers."

TM from Daytona Beach

"I am a 60 year old snow bird and have found a home away from home at the Yoga Center.  :)  I treated myself to the unlimited yoga card for the month and went five days a week.  It has changed my life.  I am physically, emotionally and spiritually in a better place.  I tried all of the classes and then found what worked for me. All of the classes were wonderful but I loved the gentle yoga, the restorative, meditation classes and yoga on the beach.   That is just what my body and soul needed."

JS from Michigan

Powerful and positive changes have occurred in my life as a result of the daily practice of yoga.  I always wanted to be a more spiritual person but I seem to lack spirituality in my life.  My daily yoga practice has made me feel more spiritual, more sensitive.  Physically I feel surprisingly stronger.  I can do things that were a struggle before.  I am more mindful of the joy of each day and embrace a feeling of general well being. Thanks for making it possible.

PG from Daytona Beach

I appreciate all your help & love every minute at your studio. I just think it's an amazing place & has been so instrumental in my life. I truly am grateful for all of you there and the wonderful friendships I have gained.

PB from Daytona Beach

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the yoga class on the beach!!!  I could kick myself now for not doing it earlier!"

KL from Canada

"Really enjoyed your class on Tuesday. You are such a great teacher.  So inspiring."

KL from Ormond Beach

"Krista, for Gentle Yoga you are the best.  Not ever going to give up your gentle yoga class because it's the class that helps me stretch and most important de-stress and relax."

KF, Daytona Beach

"Ron's Yoga Massage class gives a new twist to the yoga experience. I really didn't know what to expect and it turned out to be great. Ron comes over and massages you while you are in the various yoga postures. I am relatively new to yoga and have tight muscles. By the end of the class I felt so relaxed and at peace. I didn't want to leave."

MB from Daytona Beach and New Hampshire

"I had to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy The Yoga Center.  I started yoga two months ago when a friend invited me to your studio.  I liked the Gentle Yoga so much I wanted to know more...So, thanks to you for being there."

PN from Port Orange

"Thanks again for making my time in FL nicer.  My wife and I discussed and both agreed that your class was extremely nice.  We also agreed that your hands-on assist was spot on and a very positive aspect of the class for us!"

JRS from North Carolina

"Most people are reluctant to just "pop" into a studio and participate in an activity unfamiliar to them.  I was one of those people.  I have to say however, that the yoga center offers an excellent opportunity to learn and practice in a positive and stress free environment."

TR from South Daytona

"Just wanted to make sure to thank you both for 2 wonderful classes while there on vacation!  Your time to listen to me before class about my back issue really made for a beneficial class!  As of this morning the chiropractor released me and I will attend a yoga class with my instructor for the first time tomorrow!

I look forward to beach yoga again next year!  Congratulations on a beautiful and welcoming studio!"

JD from Illinois

The "Relax, Restore, And Meditate" class is a very inspiring yoga class.  If you have any problems (stressed out) or having a troubled incident in your life at the present time or even if you are feeling just a little below your wonderful self…this is the class for you.  This class will leave you “REGUVENATED”, ready to conquer anything.    I have taken a few classes (after the gentle yoga class) and it leaves me so very motivated to go and do my every day routines, or to pick up and try something new.  Yoga has changed my life for the better and this class has everything to do with that new restorative feeling.  Come join us if you can and see for yourself what it can give back to you.

RR from Ormond Beach

Teachers offer smiles, genuine gentleness, and encouragement. Thank you. Makes one want to return.

PS from South Daytona

I, finally, was able to attend (Meditation 101 Workshop) in December 2010.  I so enjoyed the fellowship which was evident during that evening.  It was a diverse and open group of people.   We seemed to really connect.

I guess you could say it was everything that I had hoped it would be.  I feel as though I took so much away from that class and guided mediation.  I have used this as a vehicle whenever I have the occasional sleep interrupted night or just have those times when you need to calm.

I want to attend another when I am in Florida, once again.

Best regards,

I wanted to thank your Yoga Classes for helping with my rehabilitation 6 days in Feb, 2011. My sister invited us to participate each day we were in Daytona.  I didn't know how much I could move after spinal tumor surgery at end of November.  You instructors along with the gentle environment helped me relax and be comfortable doing movements I did not think possible.  You helped stimulate my healing in everyway and the timing was perfect! Peace.

GP from Minneapolis

Great place for a beginner yogi. Staff is friendly and attentive, and the other students are very sweet and helpful. It's a beautiful little studio, and you feel very welcomed during your practice. One of the best parts of this place is that it offers beach yoga, where you can practice on the beach across the street. Awesome!

Anita Li, Daytona Beach

Daytona Yoga