If you are interested in bringing one of these workshops to a location near you, please contact Krista directly at 386-243-0440.

Beach Yoga

This class is a great opportunity to practice the serenity of yoga in a truly serene environment - the great outdoors. Being on the sand by the side of the ocean magnifies the oneness that always exists but we often fail to notice. Yoga on the beach is less about alignment and more about communing with nature and celebrating your soul.


Beach Yoga

Beach Yoga

Beach Yoga


Join me for YogaWalk, a unique experience combining all the benefits of yoga with the benefits of walking in a truly incredible outdoor environement. On this adventure we take a walk improving strength and cardiovasuclar health and along the way we take breaks to practice mindful yoga postures that are conducive to our surroundings.



Beach and Bridge Yoga


Bridge Walk

Bridge and Beach Yoga

Join me for a mindful walk gaining strength, endurance, and focus. Then we work our way to the beach for gentle yoga where the emphasis is on being present in the serenity of the great outdoors. Lastly, for those that choose, complete the morning with a beautiful, refreshing ocean swim.

Beach and Bridge Yoga

Beach and Bridge Yoga


SUP Yoga & Meditation

Trade in your mat for a board and experience your practice in a completely new way. Being on the water magnifies the oneness that always exists but we often fail to notice. On this particular morning, we will open our hearts to let in the prana and leave space to observe this oneness.  

Sunset SUP

SUP Yoga

SUP yoga

Discover the Fountain of Youth - A 30 day Challenge

In this challenge you will learn a 15 minute practice based on the 5 Original Tibetan Rites that when practiced every day will lead you to discover the Fountain of Youth. Learn the story and theory behind these exercises and some core principles that correspond to them. The challenge is to do the practice every day for 30 days. This challenge is based on the book "Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth" by Peter Kelder.



Fountain Of Youth

Yoga and Qigong Experience

Both Yoga and Qigong are about awareness, breath, and life force. In Yoga we call this life force Prana and in Qigong it's called Qi (or chi). Regardless of what you choose to call it it's an energy that is undeniable when you practice mindful movements.

In this experience we will practice gentle yoga postures and the basic qigong form for a unique, energizing, powerful experience. Appropriate for all fitness and experience levels.



Heart Opening Gentle Yoga Class with Live Violin

Join us for a very special and unique Yoga experience. Krista will move you through a series of gentle yoga postures guided by the sound and vibration of the violin played by David Paul. The combination of the postures and the music will open your heart and resonate with your soul. This class is open to all levels and no experience is necessary.

"I just wanted to express to you how moving this workshop was for me. The combination of David's magical music and Krista's teaching affected me profoundly.  I really want to thank you for allowing me to be part of that energy, love and for me, healing moment." -GH of Daytona Beach


Gentle Yoga Class

Discover Yoga: An Introductory Course

This 6 week course is for anyone that wants to get back to the basics of yoga. It is great for beginners but also for those who want to revisit the fundamentals of their practice. This course will include detailed instruction of postures, breathing techniques as well as some overall yoga philosophy. In this course there will be opportunities for questions and discussion.

Discover Yoga

Breath and Bandhas

Without the breath, there is no yoga. Join Ron as he offers numerous breath techniques that can be used in an asana practice, for meditation or in every day activity to alleviate stress and anxiety. Ron will also introduce the bandhas. Bandhas and breath are integral aspects of any advanced yoga practice. Together these two create the core strength necessary for the grace of the more experienced practitioner. This workshop is for anyone with the desire to take their yoga practice to a new and deeper level.

Breath and Bandhas

Inversion Workshop

This workshop is designed for students who are looking to build strength and gain confidence practicing inversions. Students will learn exercises to build strength in preparation for inversions and techniques to actually practice inversions safely.

Inversion Workshop

Meditation 101

Have you heard about all the benefits of meditation but have no idea where to begin? This class will provide some guidelines and techniques to assist you in establishing your own meditation practice. It will include a guided meditation. Even if you are a long time meditator come as a refresher or just to join in the group energy.

Daytona Yoga Meditation
Yoga Immersion Workshop

A comprehensive overview of yoga including philosophy, a look at the chakras, meditation, asanas, practice and implementation. This retreat is appropriate for beginners as well as anyone wanting to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga. It is perfect for those who have been practicing asanas for a while but have never received the philosophy and theory and principles behind the asana.

Yoga Immersion Retreat

Vision Board Workshop

It's a wonderful opportunity in the beginning of the January to set clear intentions for what you want to manifest in the New Year. In this experience you will have the opportunity to do just that. In this 2 hour class you will flow through mindful movements of yoga asanas (postures) so that you can clear the mind and set an intention leading us to a meditative state to vizualze your upcoming goals in life on a picture collage board or"Vision Board."


Vision Boards

Chakra Series: Tools for Understanding with Krista Ghaffarian

This 8 week course is a study of the seven major chakras also knows as the "Wheels of Life" and how we can use this knowledge as a tool for better understanding our physical body and for us in our daily life.


Chakra Series


Daytona Yoga